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White Isle is YAMAHA authorized Snowmobile Park where guests can enjoy powder snow snowmobiling tours in the wide open fields at Niseko. As to cherish our nature and planet, we have introduced environmentally friendly 4-stroke engine snowmobiles earlier than other countries. Take an adventure with our JSSA (Japan Snowmobile Safety Association) authorized guide instructors who will show you all the beautiful views in Niseko. We hope you enjoy the impressive beauty of Niseko winter as much as we do.

Snowmobile Tour Course



Riding your very own snowmobile toward forest, by the river and via the great snow field.



Our instructors will explain all the equipment and safety guidance which you can quickly adapt on the snowmobile. In order to make sure you have confidence and able to control your own snowmobile, our instructors will lead you for an easy practicing route before heading up to the snow fields.

Private Tour Available

Private Tour

Having your own instructor with your own party. Base on your wishes: riding your preferred speed or taking photos as much as you like.

Free Shuttle


Free shuttle service from Niseko’s hotels as long as Hirafu Welcome Center and Kutchan Station.

Snowmobile Models

Basic Model

YAMAHA BR250 (Novice Model)

This model is recommended for customers who are newly to snowmobile. A safe and secure snowmobile with a low center of gravity for stability and a 250cc low speed engine which is easy to control even for first timer.
This is an old model of snowmobile, however it is the safest for beginners and widely used in snowmobile parks in Hokkaido. You might feel a peculiar smell from the 2-stroke engine when you stop the snowmobile.


YAMAHA Venture/Phazer (Advanced Model)
The latest model equipped with an eco-friendly 499cc 4-stroke engine. Equipped with windshield, front and rear grip warmers and it offers a higher level of comfort.

Large Snowfield Course 60mins

Large Snow Field Course

The most popular tour which allow you to ride via forest, among the trees, and you will see a great snowfield open in front of you. Our instructor will show you the true beauty of Niseko.

Group Tour

Model Single* Tandem (Adult&Child) Tandem (Two Adult)
BR250 \12,000  \16,000  \18,000 

Private Tour (Open for three machines or more)

Model Single* Tandem (Adult&Child) Tandem (Two Adult)
BR250 \15,000  \20,000  \22,000
VENTURE \17,000  \22,000 \24,000 

* \500 Off for 13-15years old.

Super View Course 90mins


Looking for something advance? This is a course for guests who want to ride around tree sea, race up a mountainside, and aim for the top of the ridge. On a clear day, you are not only able to see Mt. Yotei, also the town of Kutchan spreading out beneath you.

Group Tour

Model Single Tandem (Adult&Child) Tandem (Two Adult)
BR250 \18,000  N/A N/A

Private Tour (Open for three machines or more)

Model Single Tandem(Adult&Child) Tandem (Two Adult)
BR250 \21,000  N/A N/A
VENTURE \24,000 N/A N/A

Family Pack (Snowmobile Tour + Fun Ride) 60mins


A snowmobile tour with banana boat ride. Highly recommended to family visiting with children.

Private Tour (Open for three machines or more)

Model Single* Tandem(Adult&Child) Tandem (Two Adult)
BR250 \15,000  \20,000  \22,000 

* \500 Off for 13-15years old.

YAMAHA Lesson & Tour 60 mins


Group Tour

Snowmobiling tour after taking a lesson to learn the opperational skills of snowmobile from the basic. Beginners and women can ride snowmobile comfortably.


Model Single*
BR250 \15,000 

* \500 Off for 13-15years old.

Forest Course 30 mins


30 minutes course to enjoy the snowmobile tour casually. Enjoy the magnificent view of Niseko.

Model Single* Tandem(Adult&Child) Tandem (Two Adult)
BR250 \7,000  \10,000  \10,500 

* \500 Off for 13-15years old.

Rental Items

No worries if you don’t have ski-wear, we have all the items necessary for enjoying the outdoors in winter.

Full Set for Adult (Jacket and Pants, Boots, Gloves)\2,500
Full Set for Child (Jacket and Pants, Boots, Gloves)
* under 12 years old
Jacket, Pants\1,000 per item
Cap, Neck-warmer, Sun-glasses, Boots, Gloves\500 per item
  • Group Tour/ Other guests will also participate in the tour. Reservations open to paties of one or more guests.
  • Private Tour/ A tour conducted only for the guests who made the reservations. You will not be paired with other guests, There is some possibility to take the free shuttle with other guests. Reservations open to three sonwmobiles or more.
  • All prices are shown including tax.
  • Driver’s license is not required for participation.
  • We are happy to carefully instruct first-timer in the riding and operating procedure of our snowmobiles and therefore guests can feel comfortable and safe while participating.
  • For safety, helmets are included in all tours, Additionally, snow-wear and other winter necessities are available fo rent, so that all riders can comfortable enjoy their time even in the cold.